St. Charles High School (ICSE)

St.Thomas town, Kammanahalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka – 560084


St. Johns house

Mansi Kodikal
Mansi Kodikal


Reena Varghese
Reena Varghese

In life be an Actor not a Reactor.
Be an Engine, not a Coach

The academic year 2015-16 was indeed an enthusiastic one for all the Jonnies, as each member of the team motivated and inspired one another through the team spirit, keeping in mind our motto “Soar to new Heights“, we set out with courage, faith and determination to reach the peak of success.

The year 2015-16 was an event filled year for us. The year began with the extempore competition. The competition was filled with thrill and excitement, and our team actively participated, though we were not the winners we held fast to the proverb. “Slow and steady wins the race.” The next competition for the high school students was, the debate competition and we were the proud winners of the same. The quiz competition for the high school students was another chance to explore our hidden talents and team work, once again played the best, we the St. John’s house secured the third place, with a tough competition from the other houses.

The zeal to perform, with loads of guidance, has always seen the St. John’s House reach the peak of success. Co-operation and hard work have always added a sense of responsibility and loyalty to our motto. We are highly grateful to our Principal

Sr. Juliana Pinto, who has always led us to the ladder of participation, through the various competition held in this temple of learning.

I Mansi Kodikal, the house captain along with Reena Varghese the vice-captain and my team, would like to thank our animators Sr.Nancy, MrsReena and Mrs Maria Benjamin for their whole hearted support, encouragement and guidance all through the year.

I’m sure, our success will reach the skies and bring honour to our institution.

First Three Toppers

First Supriya Vinisha Crasta R 94.3%
Second Murathoti Sharon Faith 92.8%
Third Rachel Margrate S 90.1%

School Toppers

Fiona V Reginold 88.8%
Jeanette Krizelda.K 88.6%
Hafsa Muskaan.M 88%
Mansi Sachin Kodikal 90.5%
Rubini Subash 90.5%