St. Charles High School (ICSE)

St.Thomas town, Kammanahalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka – 560084


St. Charles house

Renata Maria Monteiro
Renata Maria Monteiro
Shreesha Vidya Shree

“Ever Onward We Progress”

The motto of the St. Charles House is “ever onward we progress.”

The year 2015-2016 was the time when the Charlians got opportunities to bring their hidden talents. Each member of the team motivates and inspires members within the team. The series of competitions began with the extempore competition- Reshma. U. R was honoured with the best speaker award and we bagged the first prize that brought glory to our team. Debate-The Inter-school debate competition was a time of much preparation, but unfortunately, we were unable to bag the prize. The old saying ‘try, try again until you succeed’, paved a way for our success in the quiz competition, yes indeed! We were the winners of the quiz competition.

We have been successful only because of the support and guidance of our house mistresses Mrs. Manju Susan Joseph, Mrs. RiniPrem, Mrs. Anjupandey and Mrs. Punyavathi for their immense support and encouragement. We offer our gracious thanks to our principal Sr. Juliana Pinto for providing various opportunities to explore our talents and above all I like to thank my fellow charlians for their support, co-operation and encouragement for the success of every activity. It is a pride in being a part of every activity conducted in our institution.

First Three Toppers

First Arya Vijayan 90.33%
Second Swetha M A & Liptha Hemanth Kumar 90.00%
Third Alphina Edna Tony 89.6%

School Toppers

Smirna Paul 89.00%
Deepa Shree L 88.5%
Anupriya Jacob 87.8%
Deepthi P 86.3%
Dikshitha S 86.00%